We all know that Siri is either a giant pain in the but, or a lifesaver, but really didn’t know that it could do this!

Legendary beatboxers such as Jam Master Jay, DJ Dock Nice and Doug E. Fresh have all been famous for a set of their unique skills in making beats out of nothing, but their own mouth. These artists are now taking their game to the next level using the incredible voice command, Siri to back up their beatbox tracks. As one famous beatboxing champion demonstrated, these artists can now creatively intertwine their mouthy skills with Siri’s beatboxing skills to come up with a super-cute beatbox track.

The internet is actually in frenzy after beatboxing champion from China, HeartGrey, combined his beatboxing skills with Siri’s voice command skills. The clip that was posted online has garnered close to 220,000 views not only because of HeartGrey’s skills, but also for the way he uses Siri to back his track.

The video begins with HeartGrey commanding Siri on his phone to say a hundred trillion to the tenth power. After thinking for some seconds, Siri quotes the answer to be zero over and over to which HeartGrey belts out his crazy beatbox track. The two combine in an astonishing way that is not only unique, but also advanced in every possible way. Check the clip out.