Captivating scenes capture the sensual interaction between the subject and surrounding water.

Oahu-born Sean ‘Hula‘ Yoro spent his early years riding the waves on his surfboard, until his late teens when his interests turned to his artistic pursuits: graffiti and tattooing. In 2015, he made the leap to New York to pursue his artistic career, and combining his love of the ocean with his passion for art, he started creating a series of semi-submerged murals.

Beautiful Women At One With The Sea 1Working in the water and while balancing on his paddle-board, Hula selects otherwise empty and neglected spaces such as shipwrecks, docks and concrete walls to act as his canvas for his breathtaking creations. Drawing from his background in both street art and fine art, Hula works entirely with non-toxic and biodegradable oil paints, and employs traditional painting techniques to elicit a softness and enhance the femininity of his female subjects. The enchanting murals appear to capture moments of solitude and serenity with the female subject and the surrounding water, a sense of pleasure and sensuality, contrasting against the rugged backdrop.


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