The making of Terminator Genisys took some incredible behind the scenes CG work.

While Terminator Genisys wasn’t a huge box office hit and wasn’t the movie that the franchise’s fans were hoping for – putting a crimp in future production plans – the visual effect were actually really cool. The team that recreated a younger version of Arnold Schwarzenegger to take on the older terminator who has been tasked with taking care of Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) since the 70’s, deserves some props.

As we all know, Terminator Genisys was a visual effects action movie that has the Terminators slamming through colossal structures, helicopters and walls. There’s no doubt that one of the franchise’s strengths was its special effect and these effects recreated the Arnold of the 1980’s to get into a fight with the ‘old-man’ version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

To pull off this recreation, MPC creative studio hired Brett Azar, a 27-year-old Australian body builder to technically play the young terminator. While Azar matched the measurements of the younger Schwarzenegger and did all the fighting, he would be entirely replaced by a digital character as his moves were for reference on how the digital character should move.

The team then used a synthespian visual effect to digitally recreate the actor when he was young. This technology helps them in the de-aging and digitizing of the humans. These visual effects enabled the team to create two terminators who are technically the same model robot, but with a younger and an older ‘skin’. It’s pretty cool to see the layers stripped away and then put back on throughout the video.