These are exceptionally intricate and gorgeous sketches.

Rafael Araujo’s, an architect and illustrator, his illustrations beautifully combine mathematical art with nature in an enigmatically complex way. They are so complex that you may be forgiven to assume that the talented artist uses modern software and a computer programs to create the rigorous angles of these amazing 3D illusions.

The truth is Araujo doesn’t use any modern technology, save for a pencil, ruler, compass and protractor and that’s the craziest part of these intricate drawings which showcases the mathematical intensity of the natural world.


For the last four decades, the Venezuelan illustrator and architect has been perfecting his marvelous skills. Araujo uses his experience to create illustrations that are based on intelligent patterns of growth as dictated by the Golden Ratio. This special number, which is generally represented by the Greek letter Phi (ɸ), is equivalent to 1.618 and is present in every organic thing including leaves, butterfly wings and sea shells among other things.

So by applying the Golden Ratio, Araujo painstakingly creates his illustrations while leaving the construction lines and angles in the final images. In short, the mathematical framework of each of his composition is clearly present in the illustrations, which takes him up to 100 hours to complete a single one.