Grains of sand, united with precision to create intricate shapes and characters, hands seem to flow effortlessly back and forth over the artist’s canvas without pause.  The audience is silent, enthralled by every movement and captivated by the story unfolding before their eyes.

Sand artist, Tatiana Batkanova, performs in front of live audiences, telling stories using her delicate hands to disburse and redistribute fine grains of sand in a fluid rhythm, to create her cast of characters along with the settings throughout each story. Trying to use words to describe a form of artistry this original, and really quite amazing, is so difficult: good thing there’s a video – and it’s really a must to see to fully understand Tatiana’s technique and the whole concept.

Very simply, Tatiana works over a horizontal surface that is mirrored onto vertical flat screens, so those in the audience can view the work in progress and the story unfold.  The level of precision demonstrated in creating the moving scene with characters seemingly morphing out of nowhere leaves viewers quite awestruck – there are no ‘do-overs’ with the audience watching as things unfold.  In addition to the sheer pressure of getting it right the first time, Tatiana’s stories are accompanied by music that is coordinated with the storyline itself, so the show must continue forward with the intended tempo.


This enthralling video is of Tatiana’s story entitled,  “Eastern Tale of Love”.  Sit back and enjoy – it’s totally worth watching until the end.  Enjoy.