Since we can’t eat the stuff anymore, we might as well make art with it.

Now, we’ve seen art find canvases and mediums in almost every sphere of life. Whether it is through the tattoos that people wear on their skin, carvings and sculptures through mediums from wood to stone, beautiful paintings on canvases to street pavements, and just about everywhere in between.

Dino Tomic too is a part of the art world, and is not only a tattoo artist, but also explores the mediums of painting and drawing to explore his creativity.  Hey, this Croatian even doubles up as an art teacher in Norway!

But apart from this impressive creative resume, the one thing that sets Tomic apart from the other artists is his recent experimentation with something very few would have trusted as an ingredient that could create magic.

Well, it does create loads of magic with our food – in fact, even the best dishes in the world would be inedible without it – but surely, no one ever thought it could create lifelike images and astonishingly beautiful ones at that!

The ingredient we are referring to is salt. Yes, salt.

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Tomic, in a bid to relax his wrist, which had been giving him some trouble due to all that drawing, decided to push his creativity, probably wondering if he had the potential to make those tiny white grains of salt dance to his tunes against a black canvas.

Well, soon enough, this artist was churning out masterpieces that could match up to the best paintings and sculptures in the world, and boy, do each of them impress.

Tomic even shares videos of how his creations come to life, and these are as magical as the final images themselves. And he accompanies his posts with long writings too, even sharing with his followers his life’s details. Oh, and his Instagram page has several of his other works too.

But it’s his work with salt that has gained him a whole new lot of followers.

Here’s a rose coming to life through Tomic’s able hands, and of course, salt.

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Here’s one of his works in inverted effect.

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here’s the actual finished piece.


This one here is magnificent indeed!


And you can only imagine the amount of hard work that has gone into this one. Tomic says it took him 25 hours spread across three days to finish this piece.


Now, if only there was a way to preserve these masterpieces in salt. After all, it is indeed heartbreaking to see several hours of hard work and such amazing visual treats simply vanishing with mere swishes of the hand!

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But that doesn’t mean you can’t lay your hands on any of Tomic’s works. Here are some brilliant prints and original artwork from this artistic genius you can buy.