Russian Photographer has an Eye for Milky Way Mirrored

For a period of four months from December through to March, the sky seems to have converged with the Earth on top of the Salar de Uyuni in southwestern Bolivia – which is where the world’s largest salt plain is located some 3,656 meters (11,994 feet) above sea level.

This place is certainly a dream location for landscape photographers, but becomes even more tremendous when it downpours during the rainy season in South America. During the day, the entire location changes into a giant shallow pool, but transforms into a gigantic mirror at night and Russian photographer Daniel Kordan was there to capture these special shots.

Using a very powerful Nikon lens, Kordan captured a collection of fantastic photos showing the spectacular Milky Way being mirrored by the waterlogged plain.

Kordan managed to capture just a portion of the dizzying galaxy, which gleams across a total space of 10,582 square kilometers (4,086 square miles).

“It looked like we were floating in an open space with our vehicle (spaceship) parked in a distance. It’s like standing out in the night with blue, red and yellow stars blinking from all directions. It was definitely a space on Earth,” Kordan described the spectacle.

This is really is magical.

Milky Way Wonderment 1

Milky Way Wonderment 2

Milky Way Wonderment 3

Milky Way Wonderment 4

Milky Way Wonderment 5