This poor guy just wanted to show his love in a novel way and got stone cold rejected.

We’ve heard many puzzling tales of broken hearts and unrequited love, but this one is probably one of the most touching if not the craziest. It involves a lovelorn Chinese man, who’s somehow back to square one, after spending $460 to purchase 860 Rubik’s cubes to complete a massive picture of the face of his love interest only to be…..REJECTED!

Rubik Love Lost -1


It took Tong Aonan two months of planning and three sleepless nights to build a gigantic 2.1-meter high and 1.4-meter wide mosaic then solved each Rubik’s cube based on his intriguing design. Sadly, his labor cost for love didn’t pay back when he presented the gift to his true love only to be turned down.

Rubik Love Lost 2


Despite his heartbreaking tale, the 27-year-old from the northern Chinese city of Shenyang has no hard feelings towards the girl, who happens to be his next door neighbor.

“I only wanted to surprise her and express my love to her… but she rejected me,” Tong said.

“I’m not giving it too much thought,” he added.

Many are still wondering why the girl would turn down such a geeky and heartfelt declaration of love.

Rubik Love Lost 3