This scaled down version of the infamous Rube Goldber machines will let you marvel as the intricate precision involved.

Seiko, the well-known Japanese watch masters, have created a cool ad that involves a tiny Rube Goldberg apparatus made using at least 1,200 mechanical watch components from other Seiko parts and some of these components being as small as 0.7mm across.

The Japanese watch masters have certainly taken things to the next level by crafting this machine using small watch components, a Rube Goldberg, which is a miniature device that is intentionally crafted in a complex way to execute a simple task in a convoluted fashion.

As this footage demonstrates, complexity often trumps size when it comes to manufacturing high-end watches or an exquisite Rube Goldberg machine. Seiko creates this small apparatus to show off their intricate skills that have enabled them to remain relevant in the watch industry for more than 120 years.

We have to admit, this video is pretty enthralling.