As soon as you get over the sticker shock of the price of this little gem, you might indeed smile.

With its every released piece, luxury watch wizards, Maximilian Busser & Friends (MB&F) always exhibits an unforeseen echelon of imagination that is not only futuristic in every way, but also rare in the modern world of mechanical time-telling and manufacture. Whether it is about designing and manufacturing robot clocks or watches that are more expensive than the latest sports car on the road, the Swiss-based design house is well-known for its rich history of designing invaluable masterpieces that are meant to tell time in a unique way.


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After it was announced that MB&F, in collaboration with L’Epee 1839 brand of clocks, had unveiled a robotic desk clock, named Sherman, it was worth waiting to encounter the exquisite masterpiece so as to properly quip about it. Looking at the cute robotic desk clock at close range, you would think that it resembles the robot from Lost in Space. This masterpiece comes with a charm that would make you smile all day with its time-telling ability that is purely based on meticulous engineering.


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Sherman comes with detailed movable hands that make it easy to be set into various idyllic positions considering that the hands have the ability of holding the clock’s own turnkeys. The gold and black base track makes the robotic desk clock even more movable. Even with such unique features, the cute Sherman has a transparent mineral-enhanced glass dome that acts as its head and provides the most wizardry part of this masterpiece. The inside of this dome perfectly works in regulating the clock’s clicks that in turn, clearly shows time on Sherman’s chest.


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Being in a league of its own as far as desk clocks are concerned, Sherman’s features are finely-detailed and gracefully finished with more than 148 components that include 17 different jewels. The Sherman will be a limited edition with a total of 450 desk clocks set for production. 200 of these pieces will be available in gold iterations, another 200 in palladium with the remaining 50 set for diamond iterations. While the prices of the diamond pieces are yet to be announced, both the gold and palladium Sherman pieces are already available online for $13,000 per piece.

Without the slightest of doubts, Sherman robot is a desk clock that will likely overpower every object on your desk in becoming the most attractive object with its ability to ‘make people smile’ while still telling time.