Ahh, perhaps that timeless scenario of watching TV while folding laundry will finally become a thing of the past.

Depicted on TV and in real life is the scene with the person on the sofa (in the earlier years pretty much always a woman…maybe even smoking a cigarette..) sitting watching TV with the laundry basket beside, folding laundry, surrounded by neat piles representing every member of the household. As much as times have changed and technology has dramatically improved washer and dryers, nothing really has changed on the old hands-on folding front – until now.



Introducing FoldiMate: this futuristic machine pledges to steam, disinfect, soften, perfume and mechanically fold your laundry in a matter of seconds, so you never have to worry about doing it. It’s compact, and ideally positioned next to the dryer so clothes can be fed right into the machine after drying.


The hypnotic machine (yes, it’s hard to stop watching it in action..) is a startup product of a San Francisco company that’s out to ensure that the days of boring laundry are a thing of the past, though you’ll have to wait until 2018 when the marvellous machine hits the market at a retail price ranging between $700 to $850.

laundry-folding-machine_030616_05 laundry-folding-machine_030616_06

We already have no doubt that this cool machine will soon become a necessity not because it’s super simple to use, but because it loves doing what most of us hate: folding laundry. Speaking of most of us …I’d guess that next innovation on most of our wish lists would be the Robo-Toilet Cleaner….there’s another repetitive task that really offers no fulfillment quotient.