Artist continues to create incredible city scape art from old computers.

This is actually not the first time that we are featuring Ben Yates and his wonderful creations. We just can’t seem to get enough of his futuristic cities that he creates using part of old computers, printers and other electronic parts. These futuristic miniature city landscapes are intricately designed to look like something out of a science-fiction movie.

As small as they are, they basically can fit on top of a coffee table, Yates spends mind-boggling hours coming up with each of his mesmerizing creations. He utilizes as much waste as possible from parts of old electronics to structure the buildings, create incredible streets and even build bridges. Not even screws are spared as they are used to fasten the structures to the base platform, while plastics and metals are used as outer casings of the cities before they are placed inside well-built acrylic and glass enclosures.

The most incredible part of these miniature city landscapes is how Yates uses an integrated lighting system to transform the structures into a lit up functioning city. Without doubt, it is Yates’ creative lighting system that is alluring and would makes you want to take a closer look at the cities’ features such as the elaborate street networks and amazing detail; no wonder he calls them electri-cities.

While these miniature city landscapes are simply decorative elements, they marvelously resemble futuristic cities from the aerial point of view as seen through fish-eye lens. As he sums it up; “My artistic work is bright, intricate and vibrant, yet simple and young.” We could not agree more.


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