Record-Breaking Batman Cosplay Gadgets are Real

If you’ve ever doubted your Batman abilities, you should think again. This is after Julian Checkley proved that everyone has a little sense of Batman in them after creating 23 fully-functional gadgets that has earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Record for the “Most Functional Gadget in a Cosplay Suit.”


As per the Guinness World Record: Gamer’s Edition rules, the Irishman’s gadgets couldn’t be considered for the record if they were merely carried. So they had to be part of a suit. In this case, the gadgets became part of the Arkham Origins – inspired Batman suit, which Checkley himself didn’t design.

Guinness Cos Play Record Set

Checkley, who’s a special effects expert, broke down the costume to showcase his epic gadgets in this detailed video. The gadgets include Batman’s trademark folding Batarangs, fireball shooter, grapnel gun, laser designator, ultrasonic anti dog device, among others.


Even though he’s a huge fan of super-villains, Checkley has always had a dream of creating a tribute to Batman.

“I’ve always harbored a lifelong love for super-villains, but Batman has always impressed me. My love for him comes down to the fact that his costume is arguably the coolest in crime fighting,” Checkley says.

It’s imperative to note that Checkley’s imagination in creating these gadgets is utterly superb. He’s certainly one of those guys bringing a whole new meaning to Cosplay.