This Brazilian model is an inspiration on so many levels.

Two years ago, Paola Antonini’s life changed forever. On that fateful day back in December 2014, the Brazilian model lost her leg after being hit by a drunk driver in Rio de Janeiro while out having fun with friends. Despite that unfortunate occurrence, Paola refused to let her disability hinder her budding modeling career and has turned into an inspiration to many people across social media platforms.

Belo Horizonte 01

image source: instagram / @paola_antonini

Even with her prosthetic leg, the 21-year-old from Belo Horizonte continues to wow on catwalk events and has now earned more than 780,000 followers on Instagram. She proudly posts her stunning shots on the picture-sharing app showing her swimming, laughing, skateboarding, dancing and even training at the gym.

Taking about her life in a recent interview, Paola said:

“I’d never felt such extreme pain in my entire life.” “Even though the size of the damage was that serious,

I made a decision not to hide my prosthesis from anyone, but to become a role model for other amputees,” she adds.

Her positive energy towards life in spite of her disability has inspired thousands with one follower writing a truly heartfelt comment:

“Paola, thanks for sharing a tad of your life with us! I’m going through trying times for health reasons, but your photos and videos have sincerely inspired me to fight and always look on the bright side!”

Belo Horizonte 02

image source: instagram / @paola_antonini

Belo Horizonte 03

image source: instagram / @paola_antonini

Belo Horizonte 04

image source: instagram / @paola_antonini

Belo Horizonte 05

image source: instagram / @paola_antonini