Ok, so this is either the most interesting or most disturbing story you’ll see in a while.

On her Instagram profile, Pixee Fox depicts herself as the “Living Cartoon” after having six ribs removed to attain a record-breaking 14-inch waist and become a “body modification artist”.

In November 2015, the Swedish model spent more than $120,000 to apparently get rid of those extra annoying bones so as to have a thinner waist line. To perfectly get a balanced dream body, Pixee also had a boob job, a lift to her bottom, facial interventions and wears permanent 3D eyebrows, contoured lipstick and eye makeup.

The 25-year-old former electrician confesses that she once dreamt of looking like Jessica Rabbit, one of the most famous sex symbols in animation, and mentions Holli Would from Cool World as her source of inspiration.

“I will one day create a cartoon character of myself. Having my ribs removed was a big step towards achieving that ideal,” Pixee boldly says.

To maintain her eye-popping figure, the North Carolina resident has to wear a custom-made corset most of the time, spend a couple hours a day in the gym and stick to a raw food diet.

Pixee’s obsession to become a real-life cartoon is really happening and these snaps only attest to that.