These guys built a functioning shield.

While a notable number of Captain America cosplayer characters are fascinatingly devoted to Steve Rogers and his art in a way that only knights are loyal to their lords, it seems like The Hacksmith isn’t ready to conform to this idea. Instead of buying a typical replica of the Captain America shield, he chose to design his own electromagnetic version that can actually attach and detach from his arm just like Captain America does in the movie and in the comic books.

To be fair enough, the Hacksmith didn’t actually build this electromagnetic ‘Captain America’ shield, it was built by Machinaprops. Nonetheless, The Hacksmith, who’s a mechanical engineer, shows how this shield can use a pair of powerful electromagnets known as vibranium and runs on a set of lithium-polymer batteries, which gives it more than 3,000 pounds of magnetic lifting force.


Even though this electromagnetic shield doesn’t show the Captain’s entire shield-throwing prowess, it has at least figured out that magnet is a significant factor in the Cap’s shield. To be fair, the Hacksmith guys show that this shield is dangerous and possibly way too much an effort for cosplay characters. It’s only comparable to this other real-life version of Captain America Shield.