Family chapel sits amid the trees overlooking the ocean with a view to the sky. 

Located in the Joa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro and overlooking the shoreline of the Brazilian sea and the Atlantic Forest Reserve, the Chapel Joa is an intricately designed triangular ceremonial platform is situated in private gardens within a dense rainforest.

Designed and built by Brazil based architectural firm, Bernardes Arquitetura, this triangular mini chapel was commissioned for small family ceremonies.

Resting less than a hundred meters away from the water, the platform is ensconced by surrounding trees, and holding up its wooden floor is a single post which at eye-level, forms the shape of a cross.  Vertical spaced beams comprise the walls, their spaces between offering light and a view to the forest, while glass ceiling and wall cladding protect from the elements without interrupting the view of the ocean, forest or sky.

Throughout the construction process, care was given to leave the site essentially undisturbed and no trees were felled, with both the rainforest and the chapel enhancing each other’s existence.  The chapel as it sits in the tree-tops, allows one to be immersed in  the beauty of the surrounding natural elements within a serene and spiritual space.

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