Ok, so as you all know by now, we love Rainbows and we love Sushi. So naturally we love the idea of rainbow sushi.

For those who haven’t caught on by now, there’s a pretty widespread agreement that life is much better when in a multicolor mode. And everything gets even better when its done in rainbow mode. From raging rainbow bagels to colorful rainbow coffee lattes, everything seems to be going rainbow-fashioned.

Now, one of the world’s favorite foods has literally “caught the rainbow” and the internet is definitely obsessed with it. Sushi is an already magical cuisine even in its original form, but it has instantly become way cooler in its rainbow form.


The rainbow plates of this Eastern delicacy are being uploaded on Instagram in what is just a right mixture herbal food with no food coloring at all. The captivating rainbow mermaid effect is achieved by using natural powders such as beet, turmeric, matcha, maqui and spirulina in combination with the natural sushi rice.

This latest foodie craze has quickly caught fire on the internet and we’ve rounded up a few of its coolest snaps to salivate you!