The now famous Rainbow Bagel has taken the internet by storm.

For food lovers, rainbow bagels are arguably the ultimate creation. After being posted on the internet, it seems like every foodie is literally rushing for one big bite at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York. Even though the store has produced every madcap bagel you might think of for the last two decades, their new creation, which is colored to resemble a rainbow but taste absolutely like a top drawer cereal, has taken the internet by storm. Everybody now seems to either want a taste of the famed rainbow bagel or wants to make a piece of it.


Aided by an Instagram page, #foodporn, The Bagel Store as now become the hottest joint in Brooklyn. This is an Instagram account where food lovers can post their delicious meals before eating them. In maintaining this unique food tradition on the internet, the rainbow bagel craze has now taken over for its trippy-looking features. The unique, but popular bagels are covered with rainbow hues and smeared with sprinkled-style cream cheese while actually tasting like cereals.

While many Instagrammers may take claim to have created the original rainbow bagels, it is in fact The Bagel Store in Brooklyn that has always pioneered many of such trendy food creations. It goes without saying that this is not their first creation. The hugely popular store is credited for having invented the Cragel, which is a crumbling croissant baked into a bagel. The Brooklyn outlet is also famed for its all-in-one bacon, cheese and egg bagel that they are mostly identified with.


According to The Bagel Store head baker, Scot Rosillo, who also happens to be the owner, the famed rainbow bagel is the most-liked out of the store’s 30 varieties of bagels. This is true considering that the rainbow bagels are always the quickest to sell out, especially on weekends when the store is fully flocked by food lovers.

Scot is quick to note that the process of making rainbow bagels is not that easy and his store can only make 100 rainbow bagels in five hours while the store can produce 5,000 ordinary bagels within the same amount of time. Scot is also coy on the exact ingredients of the rainbow bagels, but going by their yummy tastes, it is easy to notice that they have blueberry fruit flavors and actually taste like cereals.


At around $2.50 each, you can enjoy rainbow bagels that are rolled out in different colors including the colors of recent Super Bowl winners, Denver Broncos. Whether you find the rainbow bagels unorthodox or revered, these are creations that are fascinating in every sense and worth a try.