Artist commemorates Prince with a beautiful sand art memorial in NYC.

The sudden death of Prince shocked the world and to offer his tribute to the legendary singer, New York-based sand artist, Joe Mangrum, has recreated an iconic photo of the musician during one of his all-time best performances.

Mangrum took to his favorite art medium right in the middle of Washington Square Park in New York City to remind us of one of the most unforgettable Super Bowl halftime moments ever. This was during the Super Bowl XLI in 2007 when Prince put on an electrifying show by performing “Purple Rain” in the middle of a Miami thunderstorm.


Nobody loves it when it rains on an outdoor venue during big events because it makes everything uncomfortable. But those who got soaked during the “Purple Rain” finale will agree that it was an exception to that rule. Prince performed his signature tune by wailing on a thrilling guitar solo while his figure was shadowed behind a sheet.

This image was originally captured by Theo Wargo, but it has now been gloriously recreated by Mangrum with just a little bit colored sand.