Holy alliteration Batman! This is one very interesting experiment, sort of.

During our schooling years, there was that popular old argument that it’s realistically impossible to fold a standard paper in half more than seven times. We still ask ourselves; is it true or just a myth? We’re pretty sure that many have tried it in school, at home or on top of your office desk (just as we’ve done with a hundred times) and we have to admit this; you’ll have a real struggle getting over number 6.

Conversely, the dude behind The Hydraulic Press Channel went on a mission to find out the truth about folding paper to put this argument to bed, once and for all. He records himself folding a standard piece of paper (11.7 inches by 16.5 inches) in half with the help of a powerful hydraulic press. He manages to fold the paper in half five times by hand, but things become interesting when he brings in the hydraulic press. The machine helps him for the sixth and seventh folds before his lucky charm runs out on the eighth attempt.

As it turns out, the dude definitely didn’t get his anticipated result, especially if his hilarious and unprintable reaction is anything to go by. The paper actually explodes under pressure on the eighth attempt, leaving traces of brittle mass of the once-bendable paper.

He then says; “It’s like some kind of stone or plastic. It’s harder and breaks like a limestone or something like that.”

So, you practically cannot fold a standard paper in half more than seven times, and even if you are strong enough to reach the seventh attempt, it looks as though the paper would end up bursting out…basically you’d have exploding paper. Isn’t science cool!