Let’s Call them Selfie-Portraits

For those Instagram lovers and Snapchat users out there who love eccentric, imaginative and fanciful things, Lauren Carney is your type of trendsetter. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Carney has launched her own Instagram fashion label “Dizzy Little Dotty” where she creates amazingly cool arts that embrace her effortlessly chic style and represents her outgoing personality.

The 25-year-old is certainly having fun completing her well taken self-portraits with cute and colorful illustrations that are artistic in every sense. While some of the images are strange and unconventional, others are pleasant and capricious. In essence, Carney has perfectly mastered the art of combining the worlds of reality and illusion in a captivating way that will surely seduce you with their little charms.

And because Snapchat is now the in thing, you might want to borrow a leaf from Carney and captivate your followers with utterly cool creations of your own that borders around something close to these ones.