Absolute precision is a given for this self-taught cookie artist.

For Judit Czinkne Poor, it all began by making simply decorated gingerbread cookies for family and friends at Christmas.  Things evolved just over one year ago, when after making some gingerbread cookies for a friend, Judit was asked if she thought about getting into cookies as a profession. It was then that Mezesmanna, her cookie business, was born.

In her former career as a professional porcelain painter (when you see the pictures, you’ll see that explains A LOT), Judit was accustomed to mastering intricate designs and sported a steady hand.  While this talent transcended into some aspects of the decorating process, when it came to baking the cookies, and using various frostings and methods, Judit is self-taught.  Judit’s attention to detail does not end at the cookie itself, in fact, the packaging for the cookies is also handmade.

Judit’s first designs paid homage to her Hungarian heritage, inspired by folk costumes and embroideries from times past. These intricate patterns often contrast delicate splashes of vibrant colour, against the whitest of whites and sometimes the deepest of black, framed in a repeating border that is flawlessly executed.  Judit’s most recent images are created using a 3D technique, combining painting, volume and royal icing, resulting in amazing edible canvases of shapes, scenes, and characters that appear to float on the frosted surface.

Judit’s recently shared a time-lapse video that takes the viewer through the cookie decorating process from start to finish and it’s  absolutely mesmerizing. Seriously. It is in this video you see the true artist, her hand exerting a measured squeeze on the bag of frosting, flowing deftly with an exacting precision, drawing perfectly straight lattice at one moment, then adding playful hearts and flowers in another. Just when you think there possibly can’t be any more detail, Judit continues to a finish that is flawless and a design that truly is breathtaking.  Words don’t even come close to actually seeing the finished product – it’s akin to describing a painting or a sunset.  Judit’s video and the photographs of her work are able to convey what words cannot.  Her Facebook and Instagram followers certainly seem to agree.

Mezesmanna has recently celebrated it’s one year milestone.  Rather than painting porcelain, Judit’s days are now filled with designing her edible creations, in addition to teaching her craft to others.  Judit has a gift and she’s sharing it in more ways than one. Sweet.