Gotta Eat ‘Em All

There are no signs that the Pokémon Go mania will slow down any time soon and the storm has now reached the Japanese bento lunchbox. The fun-filled lunchbox dates back more than a century in Japanese history, and has been a great influence on famous characters from pop culture, movies, TV shows and video games so the bento lunchbox couldn’t just let the Pokémon Go craze pass by.

Like most of us, it looks like Japanese YouTuber and home cook, Ochikeron is also obsessed with Pokémon Go. Ochikeron created super gorgeous Pokémon Go-themed bento lunchbox that depicts popular Pokémon characters. She combined cheese slices, seaweed and rice balls dyed in different colors and other ingredients to create these characters.

From Pinky Rat to Pikachu, Ochikeron designed various characters as part of a sumptuous lunchtime meal for kids. The meal is not only visually inventive, but also of high nutritional value to the kids. It will certainly add a tad of cool fun to the kids’ lunch break and bring smile on their faces during a tiring school day.