Let’s face it; we all love pizza. But when we thought we’d seen it all in regards to various pizza inventions, one innovative pizzeria has surprised us by creating a pizza delivery box that’s essentially made of pizza!

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York has constructed this edible pizza box in two separate sections including the hardcover that is made of garlic bread and the box that is made of a fluffy Sicilian slice, as well as the normal New York-style pepperoni pizza inside.

Speaking about this creative invention, one of the pizzeria’s co-owners, Sean Berthiaume noted; “I always get ticked off when I hear people asking for a box when they’re eating in our store and wondered why they had to fill out trash cans. So I thought what if we could just create an edible box?”

You certainly cannot blame Berthiaume for coming up with an edible pizza box. It’s actually a cool way of keeping the environment clean.  And tasty.