This mid western artist is pixilating some of pop cultures most memorable video moments.

Before 4K screen resolutions and High Definition, pixels were commonplace on our computers and TV screens. But in a world where Retina-level pixel densities are becoming more and more important to consumers and image creators, one creative artist from the U.S. is taking a different path by creating pixilated versions of iconic pop culture characters in a completely different manner.

Instead of creating the normal computer low-bit images of these favorite pop culture characters, this American artist structures them in form of pixilated embroidery in cross-stitch patterns that are convenient and easy to follow. Going by the name Jess on her Etsy shop, the artist creates various pop culture characters from TV shows, video games and movies in a fun series named Pixels In Stitches.

Jess recreates characters such as Harry Potter, Disney princesses, The Lord of the Rings characters, famous superheroes, unpopular villains and many more. She then sells her designs from her Etsy shop, but you’ll have to download them in PDF format before turning them into real pixilated characters.

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