Funky and functional, these clever designs and interior finishes combine to achieve unique spaces that reflect their owner’s personality and spirit.

It’s hard to believe the original version of the Airstream Trailer made its debut over 70 years ago;  it’s iconic design and timeless exterior provide a perfect shell for interior refurbishing and customization.  A resurgence in their popularity has led to uber cool renditions of interiors that are airy yet cozy, and that work as personal and business spaces.  Have a look at innovation and excellent design at work in the following pics:

Jooj Blow Dry operates out of revamped Airstream trailers at locations in and around Chicago. These shiny trailers have been fully customized with a modern aesthetic and max functionality.

jooj blow dry 01 jooj blow dry 02 jooj blow dry 03 jooj blow dry 04

Timeless Travel Trailers is an authorized Airstream ‘upfitter’ – that certainly is another way to say that their specialty is to refurbish and trick out trailers, and trick out they do – in a most sophisticated, thoughtful way – paying homage to the original design, and incorporating updated amenities and finishes in a seamless package.  One of their portfolio projects, The ‘Timeless Orviss’ is a total revamp of the 1954 Flying Cloud, completely refinished inside and out, offering up earthiness and warmth with wood, leather and copper finishes throughout the interior, and contrasting with the trademark Airstream shiny aluminum envelope:

Timeless Orvis Airstream 01 Timeless Orvis Airstream 02 Timeless Orvis Airstream 03 Timeless Orvis Airstream 04 Timeless Orvis Airstream 05 Timeless Orvis Airstream 06 Timeless Orvis Airstream 07 Timeless Orvis Airstream 08

The following re-boot of a 1994 Airstream motorhome, also completed by Timeless Travel Trailers, is a totally modern take, with the gleaming ceiling and shiny surfaces, anchored by dark cabinets and black leather.  The tub chairs are a step-off from the traditional built-in trailer banquette and offer a feeling of space, while clever built-ins amp up the functionality and visually maintain the flow from front to back.

Airstream motorhome 01 Airstream motorhome 02 Airstream motorhome 03 Airstream motorhome 04 Airstream motorhome 05 Airstream motorhome 06 Airstream motorhome 07 Airstream motorhome 08 Airstream motorhome 09

Hofmann Architecture’s redesign of this 1978 Tradewind has a ‘Scandi’ feel with it’s use of sustainable materials, light colors and minimalistic decor.  Like most Scandi interiors, it has clever and almost invisible storage, and the overall feel is a sense of calm and serenity.

screenshot_2016-05-07_171322 screenshot_2016-05-07_171328 screenshot_2016-05-07_171333 screenshot_2016-05-07_171340

The following restoration of a 1950 Flying Cloud by Vintage Trailering is beautifully done, retaining many of the original elements of the interior.  The extensive use of richly grained wood features complement and ground the metal finishes, and the overall look is warm and inviting.

Flying Cloud 01 Flying Cloud 02 Flying Cloud 03 Flying Cloud 04 Flying Cloud 05

For fans of Victorinox Swiss Army, a recent collaboration with Airstream produced 125 limited edition trailers, fitted with plenty of cool gadgets and finished in the traditional Swiss Army Grey and Red colour combo.

Airstream and Victorinox 01 Airstream and Victorinox 02 Airstream and Victorinox 03 Airstream and Victorinox 04 Airstream and Victorinox 05 Airstream and Victorinox 06

Want to experience a trip in an Airstream without shelling out to buy one?  We’ve got the answer:  Airstream2Go will rent you a fab finished Airstream and a truck to pull it, and set you up with their partner, legendary travel planner Off The Beaten Path, to customize a road trip all for you.  How easy is that?  Here’s one of their trailers, nicely finished and with all of the creature comforts:

airstream-28-international airstream-28-international-lounge airstream-28-international-kitchen airstream-28-international-interior airstream-28-international-bedroom airstream-28-international-bathroom

So, we’ve shown you some great trailer refurbs, limited editions, and how to get into one without having to lay out a huge sum to own it.  Something you’d like to do one day?  If a more stationary adventure is up your alley yet you want to experience something totally different, check out these cool tree houses, luxury tents, or these amazing eco-resorts. If you’re looking for a unique experience, we’ll get you there!