We’re not talking about ink about pencils, we’re talking about beautifully elegant tattoos that appear as if they were done with a pencil.

Getting a tattoo from Vancouver-based tattoo artist Nomi Chi is probably the best thing that you might be able do as far as getting body art is concerned.  Naomi is arguably one of the best tattoo artist that you will come across and getting a tattoo from her will never have you worrying about tattoo clichés. She is one artist that has the ability to create unique tattoo designs that incredibly resembles pencil drawings and sketches.

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Looking at her pencil sketch tattoos would have you thinking of something out of a sketch book. The guidelines and shapes used in creating these tattoos are captivating and strive for something different,

“I strive to bring something more fresh and fun by creating tattoos that look like they need further improvisation,” she says.

Naomi is quick to reveal that these amazing pencil sketch tattoos are inspired in her by animations,

“My interest in visual art was stimulated by animation, a captivating movement that is so important to me. I can’t be so glad that my clients like them, which helps me in keeping the process fresh and fun. They usually provide the subject matter of the tattoo designs, but often afford me the chance to apply my own kind of twist, thereby making the concept so captivating,”.

We really can’t doubt that and her unique tattoos speak for themselves.