With a nod to the past and eye in the future this artist bridges both in some awe inspiring paintings

To come across a talented artist who can incredibly mix paintings and imageries from two very different eras is no mean feat. But the way talented Polish artist, Jakub Rozalski mixes classic and traditional paintings that date backs to the Poland of 1920s with futuristic robots and Mechs imagery is astonishing, mind-blowing and makes it look easy.

Even though he is based in Germany, Jakub’s love for his country and its history is unending. And to let the world into Poland’s incredible features as peaceful country going back to 1920s, Jakub gives everybody the taste of very peaceful landscapes with its hardworking people and stunningly mixes the already perfect paintings with a few futuristic gigantic robots and Mechs.

The amazing classical paintings depicts Poland at the height of harsh winter with some few desolate individuals surrounded by mind-bending yet enchanting wild pets such as a tiger or a polar bear, as well as colossal Mechs. Jakub, who admits that he has been drawing and painting since he was a kid, can use any given media technique including traditional paintings, photoshop and graphic tablets to portray his artistic message.

In the project named “1920+Project” Jakub depicts in his paintings and drawings Poland’s historical events of the 20th century. From the Battle of Warsaw to the Polish-Soviet War, Jakub tries to bring to light certain historical events in Poland that historians consider among the most important part of world’s history given that they are events that completely changed Europe’s way of thinking and brought a halt to the Red Revolution.

Jakub admits that he mixes wildlife and futuristic robots into his paintings to show the wildlife world and how it has been overtaken by aggressive technology and civilization. Enjoy.