Artist Shin Shinrashinge painstakingly recreates action scene only using paper cups.

For more than 30 years now, Dragon Ball Z has been blasting Kamehameha sounds and waves into the bodies and hearts of fans around the world.  Even with the volume of movies, shows and toys that are abound, Dragon Ball Z is one franchise is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In an amazing video, Japanese artist Shin Shinrashinge has taken his love of Dragon Ball Z and has created a massively popular diorama of the legendary fight between the all time Dragon Ball Hero – Goku – and his arch enemy and longtime pain in the ass bad guy Frieza.

Shin stacks and rotates the paper cups to reveals each panel as the story moves forward. The lower half of the cups show an animated young Goku on his flying Nimbus Cloud, along with screen titles.  The level of detail leaves no doubt about the level of planning, passion and focus needed to piece this together in the way Shin has.  And thankfully for us, he is a master at this very specific art form.

It looks like it would have taken Shin more thantwenty paper cups to perfectly portray the entire episode of Goku taking on Frieza, but even in this short snippet Shin is incredibly on point with his recreation.

Paper Dragon Ball Z 02Paper Dragon Ball Z 03Paper Dragon Ball Z 01