This Japanese Artist is a Cut above the Rest

Using only a custom craft knife, talented Japanese artist Mr. Riu remarkably captivates the mind with his eye-catching paper cut designs. Inspired by the art of mandala, Mr. Riu showcases a spectacular display of incredible technical skill within complexly delicate patterns.

Symbolic and decorative in nature, paper cutting is a worldwide art that has evolved within many cultures and taken on different shapes.  On Mr. Riu’s part, he creates striking mandalas that are both aesthetic and therapeutic in value and reflect the beauty seen in the natural world by promoting peace and love, thereby complementing harmony within the human race.

What makes his unique art even more wonderful is the way he marvelously keeps in touch with both the traditional and ancient symbols and intricately highlights them through the modern styles of his artwork.

As hypnotizing as they appear, we’re in complete awe as to the amount of time and patience that is required to complete such stunning pieces of art in a single piece of paper. Remember, a minuscule error could spell complete disaster given that there’s no going back after a cut is made.

In the meantime, move over to Instagram and see more of Mr. Riu’s cool artworks.

Paper Cut Art 01

Paper Cut Art 02

Paper Cut Art 03

Paper Cut Art 04

Paper Cut Art 05