The widely reported East Coast blizzard has snarled almost every part of the everyday New York life and other cities in the East Coast such as Washington. Nevertheless, that acted less in deterring one fellow from having what could be termed as ‘overboard’ fun in the snowy streets of New York, and in fact, in the craziest way possible.

This record-breaking adverse weather had led to travel bans in many parts of New York. The NYPD had imposed the ban for much of Saturday and had advised commuters to stay off the roads. As if the advisory fell on the proverbial ‘deaf ears’, one YouTuber, Casey Neistat, took the opportunity to dangerously and crazily ventured out in the incredibly snowy streets.

There were obviously very few cars on the roads, with Casey’s Jeep being one of them. The YouTube star got a number of his friends for this adventure as they took over the streets of New York with their cameras rolling and on the snowboard while being pulled by the black jeep. Even though their action was illegal, Casey and his friends seemed to be enjoying themselves and even gain a legion of fans as pedestrians cheered and high-fived them as they skid through the streets in such a dangerous manner.

At one point, the jubilant Casey is shown getting into the fray and sailing through the streets while avoiding the few vehicles that were either on the roads or parked by the roads. He amazingly scoots through the Times Square while jumping off snow banks.

The clip, which was later posted on Casey’s YouTube channel later on Sunday, has been viewed more than 4.5 million times and clearly shows that he is a prolific YouTuber, but apparently a bravely insane snowy man. But when the NYPD caught up with them and pulled over the towing Jeep, what follows was priceless. It’s all in the video.