Like they say, there’s always a way to get down the mountain. Just not sure about this one.

If you thought theme park roller coasters were the best you could do when it came to thrills, this real mountain coaster ride in Switzerland will change all that – and you might need to change some of your clothing…if you know what we mean.

While the beautiful Swiss countryside is popular with travelers from all over the world for its immensely breathtaking beauty, there’s this mountain sled coaster ride near the famous Lake Oeschinen in Kandersteg, Bern that offers you an awesome view of a different kind.

The best part is that you don’t really have to be an avid outdoors lover to get this mountain trip but you might need to be a bit of thrill seeker. The views, if you can focus on them while racing down a mountain in a sled going at breakneck speed, are awesome, but we just don’t think that’s what you’ll take away from this little saunter down the mountain.

Brice Milleson and his friends made sure that we could all experience this first hand in this edge of your seat video.