NASA footage of the Aurora Borealis now can be see in full 4K.

Forget traveling to Tromso, Norway to dance with northern lights, NASA has just released a compelling ultra-high definition 4K video of Aurora Borealis as seen from space.

The extraordinary five-minute video shows amazing colors of blue and green dancing along the surface of the Earth. It was captured on board the International Space Station to showcase the beauty of the Aurora Borealis as it appears from space.

This famous aurora phenomenon is popularly known as the “dancing lights” the Aurora Borealis being the only visible one in the northern most latitudes; thus its nickname, “northern lights.” These “dancing lights” occur when electrically charged protons and electrons in the Earth’s atmosphere have a strong collision with neutral atoms in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

But for us, electrons and protons aside, this incredible video lets us have a look at the Earth’s brilliant hues from possibly the best spot ever- space. It’s not just rare; it’s breathtaking and somewhat meditative. Behold.