The car manufacturer shows love for one of its most iconic designs.

Apart from being famous around the world as one of the best automakers, BMW is now becoming quite well-known for its love of whipping up a throwback concept. The German automaker seems to be developing a tendency of going back to the archives and taking a bunch of elements from some of its well-remembered classics and applying them on some of their modern designs.

At last year’s Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este, BMW paid homage to its 3.0 CSL concept and they’re back at it again with an even cooler concept this year. They’ve decided to pay homage to the legendary 2002 turbo, which was an unbelievably gorgeous road monster. The 2002 boxy sedan was definitely the car that cemented BMW’s reputation as one of the leading makers of sporty yet practical cars. It was obviously one of the first BMW cars to be modeled with a turbocharged engine, a feature that is available in nearly every BMW car today.

With the 2002 turbo being one the best ever BMW cars, this 2002 concept has plenty of the original’s element. From reshaped headlights, the aggressive front lip, to the all-round carbon stripe, they’re cool and similar intricate surface detailing that you can’t fail to love.