Artist takes old china dishes to an interesting place.

Vintage Chinese ceramics may be long forgotten in most parts of the world, but British artist Yvonne Ellen has a strong passion for them. She shows her love for these beautiful fine bone ceramics by giving them a new lease on life like never before. Yvonne brings contemporary tastes to these bone china dishes by inventively painting them with charming animals that look incomplete without the complementary dish set.

These dishes are a unique range of tableware that are hand painted and specifically designed to bring creativity to the dining table and add charm to your home. Every piece is adoringly designed with part of the animal while the accompanying dish fully completes the animal’s decorative illustrations.

You can wow your guests and get the table talking at dinner or tea parties with these out of the ordinary sets.. Get your hands on these dishes by purchasing them either through Yvonne’s website or through her Etsy store.