While we’ve all heard about water color as an art form, we don’t think you would have this in mind.

Whoa! Using water as the canvas is absolutely unimaginable, but not for talented Turkish artist, Garip Ay. While we’ve in the past seen a lot of artists getting creative with their canvases, we can’t actually hide our amazement to the fact that Garip is able to use water as his canvas.

Going beyond even the art of using lips as the canvas, Garip used an ancient Turkish genre of painting known as ebru to sensationally recreate ‘Starry Night’ by famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Garip shows off his skills in a video where he fills a box with dark water before sprinkling it with paint droplets from a paint brush to create an utterly splendid backdrop. He then swirls various colors onto the backdrop to create the 20th century work of genius, which is one of the most recognized paintings in history.

Witnessing the entire process is not only cool and marvelous, but also pacifying and spellbinding.