In terms of energy, nobody really gives a second thought to salt, but should they?

The Backyard Scientist is an audacious experimenter and YouTuber who tests out shocking ideas that are submitted by viewers. In his latest video, he set out to experiment what would happen when molten salt comes into contact with an aquarium filled with room temperature water. The results are well explosive.

In everyday language, a “salt bomb” often refers to some food that has way too much salt or sodium in it. But in this video, the Backyard Scientist resorts to showing its meaning more literally. He makes viewers understand that molten salt is a thing, and happens when salt is melted at 1,400⁰F. In carrying out the experiment, he melts common table salt into molten  before pouring the mixture into a fish tank that’s filled with room temperature water, all in the name of education.

On the first two instances, nothing happens except for little splashes, but on the third try the reaction creates a massive explosion that instantaneously throws glass and water flying in all directions. The Backyard Scientist fans have often expressed concern about his safety whenever he does these experiments, but he shrugs it off and says that he’s taking every precaution necessary when trying stuff out.

While this video is just a teaser of the experiment, he has promised to share the full video of the experiment in the coming days. So what did we learn? Well, molten salt has enough energy to cause massive explosions and doesn’t really help with blood pressure either.