While its not the world’s most expensive car it ranks in the top 10 and the new Bugatti Chiron is sure to impress on both design and performance fronts.

Hypercars, for the mere mortals like us, are those pieces of paradise that we can probably only read about, or follow one for as long as we can when we finally see one on the road! Well, you can now add the boss of all hypercars to the list – The Bugatti Chiron.  While catching this extraordinary machine in action, or even driving it will depend on what stratosphere your paycheck lives in, but like us if all you can do is read about it then, we’ve got you covered.


First, the name. The Bugatti Chiron is named after Monegasque driver Louis Chiron, a racing legend who was the only Monaco born driver to win the Monaco Grans Prix and was one of the first drivers to win with the Bugatti.

This beast is capable of top speeds of 260 mph, or 420 km/h, and the successor to the Veyron can hit 62 mph (100 km/h) mark in just 2.5 seconds!   While the 124 mph (or 200 km/h) mark comes up in 6.5 seconds while the 186 mph (or 300km/h) mark is passed in only 13.6 seconds.

They say that the Chiron is actually capable of delivering speeds of up to 288 mph (or 463 km/h) with the previously mentioned top speed only on paper for safety’s sake.


An eight-liter, sixteen-cylinder, double-powered quad-turbocharged monster of an engine drives the Chiron to produce 1180 lb/ft in torque and 1500 horses and tops out at around 6000 rpm!

Of course, what’s power without beauty, and on this front, the Bugatti Chiron hypercar is as much refined in form and design as it is in raw and unadulterated power.   The heightened sense of awe in the Chiron’s engine department is aptly matched by the aesthetic and performance-oriented design of the car, and Bugatti calls this the “Form follows Performance” formula.


“We have made the best even better,” says Wolfgang Dürheimer, the President of Bugatti Automobiles, and one look at the Bugatti Chiron and the accompanying specs will tell you he’s right on the money with that statement.

Last but not least, the one thing that always sets the hypercars apart are their price and this Bugatti really sets itself apart with a cool price tag of $2.66 million.


And if you have that many millions burning a hole in you pockets,  better hurry up because there are only 500 of these babies being produced and the kicker is that we understand that there has already been close to 200 orders placed!