Artist make beautiful images emerge from chaos.

Rarely do we come across urban or street graffiti that showcases captivating elements of nature. Fortunately, Brazilian Luis Seven Martins a.k.a L7M intricately blends the roughness of nature with the elegance of urban art in a way that has never been done before.

Born in 1988, this talented Brazilian artist creates beautiful collections of graffiti birds that depicts a host of them, which includes sparrows, ducks and owls emerging from a frenzied swirl of eye-catching spray paints. Having been introduced to spray paints fifteen years ago, L7M uses different techniques and materials such as latex, acrylic, china ink and pastel to come up with his unique creations.

Nature Graffiti 01

His collection of graffiti birds depicts a diverse clash of his abstract skills and figurative techniques in a contrast of enchanting urban art and inspiring natural elements. In short, he displays his ability to combine geometric elements and stylized spray paints, thereby creating detailed natural realism in a flurry of color puzzles.

“Everything I create produces chaotic scenes that depict a mixture of outlooks and feelings depending on the materials and medias used,” he says.

Undoubtedly, each of his creation is a stunning mishmash of something graceful and rough at the same time.

Nature Graffiti 09 Nature Graffiti 02 Nature Graffiti 03 Nature Graffiti 04 Nature Graffiti 06 Nature Graffiti 07 Nature Graffiti 08