Is there alien life out there and has NASA been covering it up all along?

Over the weekend, every social media platform was lit up with worthy and debatable tales of Apollo 10 astronauts hearing “outer space” music on the dark side of the moon as they orbited lunar space. These debates came about after the Science Channel aired an episode about eerily mysterious sounds heard by the Apollo 10 astronauts on their moon expedition just two months before the historic Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon. Featured on a series called NASA’s unexplained Files, the explanations that have since been surrounding the mysterious and creepy “music” on the moon are goofy, funny and entertaining.

Like the rest of the episodes about Apollo 10 expedition, the story about the “creepy space music” created some interesting debates and waves all over. While NASA History Office insists that these records that were not classified, they had been kept secret for close to four decades before being first released way back in 2008. Now, here is the remarkable story behind this dramatized “ghostly outer space” music.

Even though the astronauts carrying out the Apollo 10 mission came within 5,000 feet of the moon’s surface, it acted as a perfect rehearsal for the historic man’s first landing on the moon two months later. Apollo 10 astronauts; Gene Cernan, Thomas Stafford and John Young orbited the moon to report the first moving images from inside the moon capsule. But as the recently released recordings from the expedition show, the astronauts were totally baffled when they heard strange sounds in what they vividly described as “outer space” music.

The sounds came out when the astronauts separated with Cernan and Stafford going into the Lunar Lander, while Young remained in the Lunar Command Module. With the odd hum coming into their radio instruments, they were unsure what to do as they had never heard such sounds before. The astronauts all agreed that the strange music that lasted close to an hour before they gained contact with Earth was weird in every sense.

While the reasons behind the strange “outer space” music has never been officially explained by NASA, former Apollo 11 astronaut, Michael Collins, came up with a slight idea of what might have happened. In his book, Carrying the Fire, released in 1974, Collins confirmed that he also heard the peculiar woo-woo sounds. He attributed the strange sounds to the interference between VHF radio waves on Lunar Command Module and those on the Lunar Lander, and not on some outer space music as it has been dramatized. Nonetheless, listen to the so said mysterious “outer space” music and have your say.