These galactic doughnuts are putting the rainbow food craze to shame.

It started with rainbow bagels before evolving to every single type rainbow food. And if you thought that rainbow foods were the best, these galaxy doughnuts will make you change your stance. They look exactly like mini galaxies and are totally out of this world.

Created and posted online by Instagram user sobeautifullyraw, they’re made with ultimate finesse based on exquisite food coloring that turn them into edible glitters and can be rightly referred to as “Nebula Doughnuts.”

While these colorful and visually attractive doughnuts are trendy, making them isn’t that easy. The trickiest part of the entire process is the icing part. This is because it requires proper saturation of colors that will enable you to come up with the cool galaxy look.

Whether you love doughnuts or not, these super sweet galaxy doughnuts are so tempting you can’t avoid them. They look so yummy that you’ll be tempted to gobble them up. No wonder the internet has fallen in love with them.