Always looking for new and cool things related to body art and we’ve found another one.

With tattoos becoming trendier with each passing day, it’s actually impossible to get a tattoo that doesn’t look like somebody else’s. but after realizing this lack of exclusivity, tattoo artist Rita “Rit Kit” Zolotukhina has developed an exceptional solution to this problem with her flora-inspired botanical tattoos.

The Ukrainian artist immerses a live flower or leaf in stencil ink, places it on her client’s skin before creating a delicate tattoo with the protracted inkling of the plant acting as her guide. As you can see, each of her tattoo creation looks exactly like a vigilantly pressed plant, thereby linking the art of tattoo with nature in an exquisite and elegant manner.

The self-confessed “nature lover” admits that the idea came to fruition from a simple desire of wanting to connect more with nature. Her creations are biologically accurate and display pure shapes of the greeneries in a colorful and wild way.

So for those in need of a tattoo that looks a little tad different, it’s perhaps the right time to venture on to the wild side, well at least the outdoors side.

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