This is one creepy looking fish, but if you look close enough he may actually look like Elmo.

The Mariana Trench near the deep seas of Guam is one of the most unexplored or shall we say one of the most shockingly uncharted areas in the world.  This part of the ocean is not only magical and truly mysterious, but also vast and scary. Scientists have been finding some really strange things down there, but the latest one is most bizarre.

While on a deepwater exploration mission in the area, a team of scientists from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on Okeanos Explorer Vessel spotted an unknown alien-like jellyfish that the internet is now swooning about.

Identified vaguely as hydromedusae, this crazily glowing jellyfish has long tentacles that extend straight from the center ball, making it resemble an alien beacon from another galaxy. The video of the UFO-like jellyfish was captured some 2.3 miles beneath the water surface and has garnered the attention of the internet. Many fans of the video have been curious of this surreal sea creature with one fan describing it as “a yo-yo spider stuffed with light bulbs.”  Very interesting, wonder if it likes to be tickled 🙂