Beautiful time lapse shows impact on earth.

We often ignore the global warming warnings, but it’s true that our planet is in constant change, even if we do not see the changes on a daily basis. A typical example of this saddening truth is the recently released satellite image of Ucayali River in Peru.

The animated image from satellite data shows how a river in Peru changed its original course over more than 25 years. The satellite imagery vividly shows how the river forms new lanes in the land, while cutting some parts of its main lane off completely.

This dramatic animation was created by Zoltan Sylvester, a sedimentary biologist, who unleashed the Landsat imagery from 1985 through to 2013 to show the river’s recent history and changes.


Writing on his blog, Sylvester noted; “It’s so saddening that the river is changing its course at such an impressive speed. The reason behind the migration rate of this river is an interesting issue in fluvial geomorphology.”

While we marvel at this stunning image, it leaves a lot of questions unanswered regarding how much certain facets of Earth will be morphed under our own watch.