Modobag, Ride-able Carry-On Luggage

Sometimes going through the airport’s check-in desk while dragging your carry-on luggage can be a stressful, sweaty and absolutely a nerve-wreaking experience, especially if you are late.

Considering that rolling suitcases were first introduced in the 70s, it has probably never occurred to most of us that literally hopping on our luggage would be one of the fastest ways of moving through an airport.

But with the ban of hoverboards from airports yet to be lifted, it looks like Modobag could be the go to accessory.

Modobag is a motorized and ride-able carry-on luggage piece that’s three times faster than walking. The bag has a top speed of 8 mph and is an idea that hit Chicago-based founder Kevin O’Donnell a few years ago at an airport after seeing his kids taking turns to ride on the family’s rolling suitcase.


“Modobag is definitely one of the most inventive and thrilling advancements to be introduced to the travel industry in decades. Where once you had to run through the airport terminals with heavy gear to catch the plane, you can now get there on time in a more fun and functional way with your Modobag,”said O’Donnell.

In addition to its motorized features, the TSA, IATA and FAA approved Modobag also offers dual USB charging ports (so you can Snapchat your episodes through the airport), GPS tracking (so you’ll possibly never lose it) and a side pocket for easy access to all your electronic gadgets.

Weighing 19 pounds when empty, this 200-watt electric motor has a built-in sitting area and a dual braking system in case you find yourself in those “uh-oh sorry” moments of almost crashing into a fellow traveler or Modobag driver.


Currently on an Indeogogo fund raising campaign, this pretty bag on wheels doesn’t come cheap as it will cost you around $955. You will however, have to wait until January 2017 as this is when it is scheduled to hit the market.

So if Modobag has its way, walking through the airport will soon be a thing of the past. We can only imagine the mayhem that racing these Modobags would create around airports such as JFK, O’Hare and LaGuardia.

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