You know, will all the bad things that’s happening in our world today, its great to come across a story like this that shows the humanity side of humans.

A Nigerian boy who was found emaciated and overwhelmed with worms after wandering for 8 months after his parents had abandoned him because they accused him of being a witch has made a stunning recovery.

Rather haunting photographs of the malnourished two-year-old boy being offered water by an aid worker shocked the world when it came to light in January. The boy, now named Hope, was found in the streets of Nigeria by Anja Ringgren Loven, a Danish aid worker living and working in Africa.


Loven is the founder of a charity called African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation that rescues abandoned children. When she found baby Hope, she immediately knelt down and gently offered him a biscuit and water, a moment that was captured in a photo that would be shared all over the world. She then wrapped Hope in a blanket and took him to a nearby hospital where he stayed for a month. He was put on a daily blood transfusion, put under worm treatment and was soon able to eat food on his own and sit up by himself and even manage a smile.



Hope was discharged in early March and taken to the charity’s children’s home in Nigeria’s capital Abuja where he has continued with his quick recovery process. At the orphanage, he has been able to interact with 34 other children, a process that has helped him come out of his shell. Talking about Hope’s recovery process on her Facebook timeline, Loven wrote;

“As you can see, Hope is recovering tremendously fast and is really enjoying life because he’s always surrounded by loving children and the best team in the world who take good care of him.”


Unfortunately, Hope still has a way to go after he was diagnosed with hypospadias, a genital birth defect that forces the urethra to emerge either on the shaft or at the base of the penis rather than at the tip, and has to undergo numerous surgeries to rectify the defect. Hopefully, Hope will be very fine and grow up to become an important member of his community.

images via: DinNoedhjaelp