This video which had the internet buzzing is explained.

A few weeks back, the internet went bonkers trying to explain a viral vine video that had a guy bouncing a tennis-size ball to himself on a mirror and having his reflection catch the returning ball.

The simple clip showing Kevin Parry from Oregon had gone viral after it sparked an online debate with bewildered viewers attempting to explain it. It shows Kevin standing in front of a mirror with his phone on one hand and with the ball on the other. He bounces the ball at the mirror, but as he follows with his phone camera, his reflection is seen perplexingly catching the ball!

Even though the trick is practically impossible, it appeared that the debate regarding how Kevin pulled the stunt couldn’t end. Nonetheless, one YouTuber, CaptainDisillusion has come up with an explanation of the trick behind Kevin’s viral mirror ball video and even demonstrates how it’s actually done.

It involves the physics of throwing the ball to hit the mirror at the apex of its bounce before returning to the throwing position in the same arc. After capturing one throw with the camera pointing down, the throw is then repeated with the camera pointing towards the thrower’s reflection. These two takes are then combine and the duplicate balls painted out to complete the magical illusion.

Although Kevin’s trick is utterly mind-wrecking, Captain Disillusion’s explanation and demonstration is even cooler and definitely worth putting up with the Captain’s gimmics.