Let’s be honest, medical supplies are a yawn at the best of times, but this artist blows our mind with his 3D drawings.

Talented German-based artist Stefan Pabst is known for creating jaw-dropping 3D illusion drawings and photorealistic portraits that exquisitely blur the lines between reality and art. Even though his work on the internet is fairly recent, Stefan has been creating 3D paintings that look way more real than they should for more than a decade.

In his latest video, the 35-year-old Russian-born artist gives a mind-bending glimpse into the way he creates enchanting 3D optical illusion portraits of medical supplies that literally jump off the page. He captivatingly gives detail to the way he goes about his drawings using a range of paint brushes in a technique known as trompe l’oeil, which is a French term that translates to ‘trick the eye’.

Stefan, who earns a living as a full-time artist, shares most of his drawings both on his official website and YouTube channel so as to share his passion with other art enthusiasts. “Many artists and art lovers have always bombarded me with questions about my painting technique, so I do post videos of my work on the internet,” he says.