This is a wicked way to see this yearly temple festival from India.

As one of the most important festivals in the Hindu tradition, the Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple Festival is probably the most observed festival in the entire Panguni Festival. For those in the dark, the Panguni festival is held between March and April when the full moon appears and is a very significant day to the Tamil Hindus.

In short, this is a festival that underlines the glory of grahasta dharma, which directly translates to the married life of a householder. As a month-long event, the festival is classified in various categories and our particular attention is on the Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple Festival that is held in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, especially for the spectacular images and activities that it upholds.

In the latest celebration, the famous festival was marked by a splendid Sun chariot among many other chariots that were magnificently structured and carried on the streets with the belief that the Lord would appear on each of them. To highlight how extra special the festival is, here is a pretty cool time-lapse video that will leave you in awe.